Violin and viola lessons are available ONLINE now! 
Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, and Skype
$30/30-minute lesson
Beginner - Advanced, ages 8 - adult


"Every life a song
Each day, more new notes to play
The melody made sweeter
By you along the way.

What sweet notes you have added
The tune rings loud and clear
I'm so glad that you taught music
To me all these years.

You're part of why I love music
And it's plain to see
That these years our lives composed
A melodic harmony.

I so appreciate
All the things that you do
So I just wanted to say
A fortissimo 'THANK YOU!'

Leaving you has really brought me to tears"
- Victoria Guerrero, 8th grade

"Thank you so much for all you've done for me! I absolutely love lessons with you and have grown tremendously
since we first started. Thanks for all the smiles, laughs, and good times. You are the BEST private lesson teacher
I've ever had.  I'll miss lessons."
- Kalina Murat, BGHS Sr. 

"Thank you so much for these past 4 years. I have learned so much and gotten so many laughs. Hopefully we will see more of each other.
Thanks again for being the best and coolest violin teacher EVER!   
- Grace Piotrowski, PHHS Sr.

"In our house when we hear about a teacher we know she is pretty special. Your name has come up around the dinner table so many times that we feel like we know you too.  You have been a part of our lives and our family for four years. You have instilled in the girls
a true love of music that I think they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher
and mentor. You will be missed."  
- Carolyn Wagner, mom to Evie and Cayla, PHHS Srs.

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